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The Missouri Disability and Health Program (MODHP) is funded by the CDC’s Disability and Health Promotion Branch, along with 9 other states, and aims to reduce health disparities experienced by adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and adults with mobility limitations (ML) in Missouri.

This program is currently in Missouri’s second round of Disability and Health funding. In 2016, the State Health Department began Missouri’s program with a focus on inclusive and accessible public health programs. Since 2021, UMKC-IHD has focused on access to preventative healthcare and health promotion activities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mobility limitations.

program staff

Kelli Barton

Kelli Barton, PhD

Principal Investigator

Kamryn Rice

Research Assistant

Amelia Reighard

Amelia Reighard, LMSW

Project Coordinator

Satrajit Ghosh Chowdhury, PhD

Data Coordinator

Britney Burkart, LCSW

Project Coordinator

Jeriel Bohall, MSN, RN

Data Analyst

Deandra Butler

Deandra Butler

Research Assistant

Melinda Ray

Program Support Coordinator

Institute for Human Development

Located within the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the Institute for Human Development (IHD) is Missouri’s federally designated University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD). UCEDDs across the country promote the sharing of disability-related information and resources with their communities.

For over 4 decades, IHD has been providing support to individuals and families within the community – building local, state, and federal partnerships that lead to effective change through applied research and training.


IHD’s purpose is to improve the overall quality of life throughout the lifespan for all people. 

MODHP is an initiative of IHD’s Health and Aging team whose focus is bridging the gap between aging and disabilities fields through community-based research and evaluation, training, education, and community capacity building.
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