Missouri Disability and Health Collaborative (MODHC)

The MODHC serves as the advisory workgroup for the disability and health program. Its purpose is to support community partnerships, guide program activities, and identify opportunities to leverage program outcomes to pursue future funding.

Listed members have attended at least one quarterly MODHC meeting during the grant period and/or are funded MODHP partners.

• Individual self-advocates not named

Disability Organizations

• St. Louis Arc

• Special Olympics Missouri (SOMO)

• Paraquad

• Delta Center

• Missouri Family to Family

• Eitas

• Camden County Developmental Disability Resources

• Washington County SB40 Board

• St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources

• Developmental Disabilities Resource Board of St. Charles County

• Boone County Family Resources

Community Organizations

• Missouri State Alliance of YMCAs (MO YMCA)

• Local YMCAs

University and Health Partners

• University of Missouri Extension

• Missouri Telehealth Network (ECHO Autism)

• T. Still University, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

• Truman State University

• Compass Health

• County Health Departments

State Agencies and Councils

• Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council (MODDC)

• Governor’s Council on Disability (GCD)

• MO Department of Mental Health – Division of Developmental Disabilities

• MO Dept. of Health and Senior Services (MO DHSS)

          ‣ Bureau of Community Health and Wellness

          ‣ Adult Brain Injury Program

          ‣ Bureau of Special Health Care Needs

MODHP Project Partners

Our project partners utilize the initiatives developed by MODHP to either encourage and assist individuals with disabilities to pursue healthy lives or to create more inclusive environments for everyone in their communities.

Developmental Disability Service Boards

Centers for independent Living (CILs)

MO State Alliance of YMCAs

Missouri Family to Family

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