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Several characteristics of Missouri’s health and wellness environment impact all Missourians, regardless of their disability status or disability type. However, these challenges often have a disparate impact on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) or adults with mobility limitations (ML), who may already face barriers to health care related to accessibility and disability awareness. The compounding nature of these barriers makes it disproportionately complicated for individuals with disabilities to engage in healthcare services and health programming.

More than 600,000 Missourians are living with a mobility limitation or developmental disability.

In 2022, the MODHP conducted a statewide Needs Assessment to identify gaps in information, resources, and barriers to preventative healthcare services and health promotion programs among adults with IDD and adults with ML. This report provides a snapshot of those gaps and the health disparities that exist for adults with IDD and/or ML and highlights opportunities to better meet the needs of these communities. Its goal was to increase knowledge about unmet preventative health care and health promotion needs for Missourians with IDD and/or ML and inform a set of action steps to address those needs.

Reported Barriers:

Up to 60% of Missourians with a mobility limitation or cognitive disability rate their health as "fair" or "poor".
"Fair" / "Poor" 60%

The MODHP is working to address these needs and their barriers through the following initiatives:

our impact


SB40 County Boards




Centers for Independent Living


Healthcare Professionals

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