More Support for your health

Take Control of Your Health

Healthy Living Tools

Download these four online tools to explore and support your personal, healthy life goals. These tools are created and provided by LifeCourse Nexus.


Enroll in NCHPAD’s 8-week program for individuals with disabilities that focuses on mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This program is created specifically for each person’s individual needs.



Strengthen your mental health through this 6-week program that offers an online, interactive, and group-based environment to learn new tools and strategies to support your mental health.


Connect with Others

Good Life Groups

Join a support group focused on using the Charting the Life Course framework in daily life. Topics might be Healthy Living, Employment, Community Service, and System Navigation.


NCHPAD Coffee Club

Enjoy free coffee and snacks while you connect with others to learn about healthy living. Meetings are offered online and in person.


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